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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Niu Gensheng- The Dairy Industry King in China

Caricatured directly from pen.
I was looking through my caricature collection and found this stranded within the folder. How could I miss it and not post it to share it with you. I caricatured him from a book cover that describes Mr Niu's history from beginning his career at Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd (Yili) as a milk bottle washer in 1982. I didn't read that book. My wife did. She was preparing for her MBA assignment based on Mr. Niu's life story.
"Because of his hard work and intelligence, Niu rapidly ascended to general manager. But in 1999, Niu resigned because of irreconcilable differences with then boss, Zheng Junhuai. That year, he founded Mengniu Dairy Industry (Group) Co Ltd (Mengniu). In eight years, the 48-year-old has transformed the company from the 1116th ranked dairy producer in China to number one".

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