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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Free Time Newspaper Image Caricature: Hannah Montana, Barack Obama, Tan Sri Abu

One of the Kids' Favourite: Hannah Montana

President of the USA: Barack Obama
Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed: I don't know who he is. But the Malaysians may know.

We were in the Palace of the Golden Horses from 3 to 7 June 2009 for our Church Camp. Every morning there will be a newspaper hanging on our hotel door. Not much time to read newspapers except when we got back from the talks and while Hsinying takes her shower.

I noticed Malaysian newspapers like to take portrait snap-shots of the person in the news and place it beside the article.

That also means there are there to be caricatured!!! Haha.. It happens that in most hotels, they provide writing pads and a pen. So very conveniently I took their pen and paper and started my doodling activites in between shower waiting time.

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Anonymous said...

hi daniel.

intro for u about abu sahaid mohamed. yes, known to malaysians as 'abu juling' owns maju holdings sdn bhd. claimed to be one of m'sian tycoon. but many knows that maju holdings has not been giving any raise and bonus for many years- hehee... had a huge grand wedding in june this year with his 2nd wife or now is the first because he divorced the first one not long ago after getting this young one. he is also directors in many companies including avalon ltd based in australia. acclaimed to have 'enviable reputation for sound performance' .. big words.. no substance! if you r the loyal kind of person with no character and your second nature is sucking and licking AND is contented with meager salary aka peanuts, then you'll be the number one FAV of this juling guy.