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Thursday, July 30, 2009

MBA Graduation Caricature for Hsinying on 27th July 2009

(Hsinying and the Ceremony Hall)

Hsinying (my wife) had her graduation ceremony in NTU. Together with the MBAs were the Accountant graduates. There were so many of them the clapping volumn in the hall keep diminishing only a micron decibel meter can read. Then suddenly everyone woke up and gave a rousing applause complete with cat calls. Some stood up with gladness. It was the last name in the list of graduates.

You can guess that it was pretty boring to be sitting in such an event. The only exciting part is only when you see your love ones one the stage receiving the certificate. 99% of the time you clap for stangers whom you might not meet for the rest of your life.

When I became bored I usually do one of the two things. Read or draw. I remembered taking a photo of Hsinying. I also had a drawing pad and pencil with me (all the time). And I decided to do a graduation caricature for Hsinying on the spot while the rest of the strangers went on stage one by one. =)

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