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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Caricature @ ARPC: Childrens' Church BBQ on 20 March 2009

It was a cool evening after a light shower. I did my carpark duty (for an hour) over at the Singapore Bible College and was just in time for some cooked BBQ chicken wings and delicious Satays at 1945hrs.
During the time of parents and teachers' interaction, Janice (top left) came to me and requested that I drew some cartoons for her. She had became a mini-fan of my cartoons when she first saw a cartoon I drew. That cartoon was a bearded guy, which actually was part of my notes taken during the morning sermon in church. That's right, I take notes using cartoons... =)
Since Janice could not think of what I should draw and what to draw on, I suggested drawing on a paper plate. Immediately I popped into the church office to grab whatever pen I could find.
The first drawing for the night turned out to be a caricature of Janice. Then for the next hour and a half I drew close to 10 kids using the back of Paper Plates and a pilot V-5 Hi-Techpoint pen taken from Karen's (ARPC Staff Worker) table.

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