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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Caricature Just Pencils: Villegas, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, David Letterman

Villegas (2008)

Will Smith (2008)

Morgan Freeman (2008)
Jim Carrey (2008)

David Letterman (2008)
Caricatures in pencil is very must less stressful as compared with doing it directly with ink or markers.

To find subjects to draw I thought it would be better to draw someone whom many people are familiar with. At least I (the artist) should be familiar! It is important for a start to find someone easily recognisable because a caricature drawn on a person must satisfy at least two criterion. Firstly, it must resemble that person (i.e. likeness which makes people go, 'Ah... I know him!!!'). Secondly, though resembling that person, both the facial and body expression must be exagerated (i.e. which makes people go, '... that's funny!!!)

Actually there is a third criteria. I placed it separate because this has nothing to do with the caricature artist. It has everything to do with the audience and the recipients of the caricature art work. The recipients and the audience MUST understand the difference between a caricature and a portrait.

How do we know if someone does not understand the difference between a caricature and a portrait? Simple. When you hear, 'Hey! I know my nose is pretty big, but why is it so oversized in the drawing?" or "Why he drew my eyes so tiny?" or "How come it doesn't look like me exactly?" etc... etc... etc.. so on and so forth... and this one "I want my money back for drawing me FUNNY!!!"

Back to the topic. I took images from the magazine (Villegas was from a golf magazine) and from the internet (the rest up there). And then what do I do. Erm... of ya... draw. =)

I have to admit, some looked more a portrait than a caricature... =p
Sketched using a 0.5 Mechanical Pencil. Lead: 4B

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